Random Thoughts/Updates

June 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Four months worth 😉 In random order.

–  I got lost for a little bit. Or found. Depending on how you look at it. I expect it will happen again from time to time. (The losing, finding, dropping off the face of the earth…)
–  Love is amazing (didn’t need to tell you that, did I?)
–  Been watching friends do awesome things (start businesses – Downtown Knits!, have babies, earn Phd’s, fall in love, create awesome things, travel…)
–  Other people that I care about are going through some pretty tough shit. Sending love and wishing it were tangible.
–  Time out is vital. Time moves SO fast. Don’t blink. Months (or years) might have passed by the time you open your eyes.
–  Self-sufficiency rocks. I made my own crackers and almond butter the other day. That was cool.
–  Watching the news breaks my heart.
–  Headstands really do turn your whole perspective on it’s head.
–  Being willing to listen to/learn from your body & mind is hard (in more ways than one…) and very cool too.
–  Electric President/Lissie/Freelance Whales/Mandolin Orange/Gregory Alan Isakov…. New music loves.
–  Work could slow down, that would be nice. But I’m thankful for job security and that moments of reacting in stress have been few. Even if it doesn’t chill out soon, it’s nice to know I’ll be just fine.
–  I miss my challenging knitting and I don’t have energy or mental capacity for math at the moment.
–  Thus, dishcloths. Which we need anyway. Two birds, one stone. W00T.
–  I care deeply about some folks that I haven’t spoken (or “spoken”) with in a long while. And I’m trying to remedy that. If you are one of them, I’m sorry.
–  I had no idea potato plants got so TALL.
–  Vegetables are awesome. Especially when you had to go as far as your backyard to get them.
–  Ditto local food culture. Our area is exploding with small scale sustainable farmers and new farmers markets. Incredibly awesome.
–  Recording life – living life… still taking pictures every day (or nearly), but I’m totally lost at this point as to which ones go with which days.

That’s it for now. Next – what I’ve been up to…

§ 2 Responses to Random Thoughts/Updates

  • Rachel says:

    It looks like life has been busy and full for you and Tad…I’m glad that you did what you needed to for yourself…sometimes getting lost or found is completely necessary for our sanity.

    I’ll email soon with more detail, but I’ve been thinking seriously about yoga and almost signed up for a beginner class this summer. I chickened out at the last minute though…wanted to pick your brain a bit! Getting to the woods is my calm, but I’m feeling like I need another strategy as well. Your post on how centered you feel now really reinforced that to me.

    Thanks for the band links (needing some new music so I’ll take a listen), potato plants CAN get tall ;), dishcloths are awesome knitting projects when the mind can’t take more, I simply can’t watch the news, making own crackers and almond butter rocks, and SO happy you continued your photographic journey!

  • kat says:

    um, loving your list.

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