June 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

We sold the guest bed. Because we don’t anticipate having overnight guests again before we sell the house. Side benefit for me = a larger-than-strictly-mat-sized place to practice yoga (with bonus wall space – wooooo!) Got rid of a ton of stuff through Freecycle, or the local goodwill. Some to Craig’s List for a small kickback. Old electronics – sold, donated or recycled. And there’s still more. That’s the sad part. But we’re starting to be able to see what’s here and what will be left. And “before we sell the house” suddenly became <@ 1 year. Market permitting. Did I say I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed? It’s good. good stuff. And still, getting out of the house doesn’t mean that we’re going anywhere just yet. But it’s a hell of a lot closer to the goal. And might, might get us to a position of freedom that much quicker.

Freedom means choices. We always have choices, right? We know this on a base level. We could pick up and move anytime, but there are repercussions, consequences. We know that game. So we’ll close out this chapter as cleanly as we can, with more choices and less consequences. If luck continues (we have been so much more fortunate than we deserve), and our jobs hold, Freedom comes in a couple more years. -Ish. This has always seemed so far away. 6 years ago (-Ish…) We started dreaming bigger, crazier… A farm? (Of the fiber variety, need you ask? Vegetables too, natch.) A shoebox size handbuilt home. Maybe industrial spinning equipment and a small scale local spinnery & fiber coop (Green Mountain Spinnery=some of my heroes)… Chickens? Chickens. We focussed on this for a long time. And started to build some basic skill sets, learn more about providing for ourselves, growing and making food from scratch. I’d do some knit design on the side, T would do more website work for cool people 😉 This is still out there in the ether. Very much so. But getting to know some local shepherds and the realities of their day to day lives (to temper the beautiful dream) has been a good exercise, in addition to knowing some amazing people. Over time we began to realize that these dreams would be liable to put others on hold. Seeing a little more of this incredible world. Hiking. The AT. Serving, giving back in some way, getting our hands dirty. To help others or protect nature… So we still talk about these dreams all the time… And who knows. There might just be a perfect world scenario in which both could coexist, but somehow I doubt that. So the goals and timeframes have shifted over time, and I expect they will continue to do so… I’ve learned that you can’t expect not to change. And that an awful lot can happen in 6 months. Hell, my whole world could change in 6 weeks. Or the blink of an eye. We aren’t going to stop dreaming just because we think we’ve got time to burn, we aren’t going to stop learning, evolving, trying. And luckily, I’ve got some excellent role models of people who have worked hard, and holy shit! Look where they are now. (Michele, I’m so proud of you – Rachel, Amy, Catherine, Connie, Jessica, Marshall, Ruth, Kat, etc, etc. If you are reading this you probably have a great example!) Somehow, I have this optimistic view that things will work out exactly as they should, and maybe not at all how we want or expect, or maybe, just maybe, everything will come together exactly at the right time. We will join the Peace Corps (or some other long term volunteer organization – Americorps is not out of the question either)… Take 6 months and Hike the AT (perhaps in reverse)…. we will explore and learn and expand. There is so much to see and so much to do. It’s hard not to be in a hurry. Life goes fast. So we’re making a point to enjoy life here while we are here and (trying) not to wish it away… I feel like this on a Monday at work when I am longing for Friday and a weekend of relative freedom. I don’t want to wish my life away. What’s the point? Life is for living, enjoying, loving.

That’s all for now. Except, I’d love for this (pipedreams) to be an exchange – we all have dreams, right? What are some of yours? Wild & crazy? Sensible & meaningful? I’d love to hear.

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  • tini says:

    I just saw a tv documentary (of the well made kind) about the AT and people, how hiked it. I think, it is a wonderfull thing to dream about.

    My life has now changed very much twice. Once when I was told, that I have BC. That changed my attitude towards life a lot. I love my job and I love where I live but the love of my friends and the love for life itself has grown so much.

    And now the twins. I don’t know what life will hold for me but I know, that from the day my doc told me, that I was getting a double delight, I knew everything would change and that my influence on my life would be smaller but that I would get a great addition to it. You just can plan how life will evolve 🙂 as well as your dreams!

  • Rachel says:

    I hope we get a chance to talk about this in person soon…if not, I’ll come back to this space and share some of my dreams.

    In the meantime, if you haven’t read this post, I think you would appreciate it. It sort of slapped me in the face…but it feels like you and Tad aren’t letting ‘someday’ interfere with your dreams. It’s scary I’m sure, but know that it’s an inspiration for the rest of us!

  • flwrhead says:

    Ah Mel, you’re so on the right path! I wish I could be on that path too, at least as far as going rural, self-sufficient, as close to off-grid as possible, but I’ll have to wait – until the boy graduates, until we’re in a place financially that we can move, etc., etc. I’m so glad you guys are seizing the moment! and I’ll work on getting there too. :o)

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