Stable Self-Conflict

August 1, 2010 § Leave a comment


Straightforward normal-person-speak about the yoga and the “self-conflict”. From a recent discovery, The Magazine of Yoga – lots of good stuff here, more grounded, not so esoteric… And very reassuring. From Susan Maier-Moul (The entire text is here and so worth reading, it’s part of a great series on developing a personal practice).

“I may not have wanted to, or even been able to explain why I kept going to yoga classes and began to practice every day on my own. But (and not because I’d thought about it) I did have one reason I totally understood. It’s a fairly common reason people show up in yoga classes:

Nothing else was working.

Yoga may have been weird, but it wasn’t asking very much of me except being reasonably close to on-time, and I didn’t have a better option.

I’d tried everything, so there was nothing to lose…..”

“Doing one thing, saying something different, and really not knowing what you’re thinking is exactly the state of being yoga is designed to address. This state of being doesn’t get in the way of yoga, it’s the raw material of yoga, and nobody ever runs out of it or needs to go get some more.

Human beings generate stable self conflict as though it were a by-product of breathing, just like carbon dioxide. It’s natural. We could stop taking ourselves so seriously. We could be good-natured about it, but we’re not.”

I think I would totally dig taking classes from her!

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