A break from the serious natter…

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wow, it feels so serious here sometimes (between the real posts and ones in process). I’m done with serious today. My life isn’t all serious business. We have a lot of fun. I just don’t write fun or funny really well. Maybe it’s that writing is a processing tool for me and there’s really not a lot of analysis that needs to happen around FUN, HAPPY, etc.

We saw Me First and The Gimmee Gimmees last week. Awesome. First time we have seen them since moving to NC – IOW, the last time we saw them, we were young ‘uns on the just slightly older end of the spectrum. Since then, we have acquired The Circle of Oldness around us when we attend punk shows. Not this one though. We were smack dab in between the crusty punks and the baby punks. Punk shows always make me happy for kids. Because a lot of punk music is all about being different, being yourself, and that being great (and THAT, is how T got me into punk!) If I hadn’t planned on having a big professional career, I would have been PAF (punk as fuck!) Alternatively, if we did have kids, we’d totally have encouraged the punkness – they would of course rebel by being completely clean cut.

It was an awesome show. Good openers (damn I love those short punk songs – spaz out for a minute thirty and take a break – or, like the second band Teenage Bottle Rocket – who WEREN’T teenagers, BTW – don’t break between songs and then pick on your audience because we are too old and need a rest!) Me First? So great. There’s just something about Barry Manilow, The Beatles, John Denver, and Broadway standards being played on high speed with harmonies & jumping around. Nostalgia, excitement, and metal fingers. Can’t really explain it – Just super fun. Give a listen when you’re feeling lethargic or sad, this should do the trick!

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