December 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

Reverb10 Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

Wonder is something I most often associate with nature; I will always be entranced by the ecosystem of my backyard as much as breathtaking scenery. But this year, although I wouldn’t say I actively sought it, my sense of wonder has been fueled more notably by people. Interactions, conversations, words, manner. Listening and being heard, empathizing, feeling humbled. I have been doing the hard work of opening my heart to myself – exercising kindness and forgiveness maybe not perfectly, but more than I ever have (in fact, I had never thought much about this or considered it important – kindness to others seemed the thing, isn’t it selfish to think so much of yourself?)

The surprise gift in this work is that I am finding myself more open to others in the process – something I also didn’t realize I needed to work on. I am now more apt to suspend judgement, to listen deeply, to release any history and my expectations. I’ve had the opportunity to be surprised (and to surprise myself)… Brief words of kindness have affected me more than ever before – and times where I thought I might be able to be of comfort are times when the person I was speaking with was of much more comfort to me – I have been humbled a few more times than I’d like to admit. I have felt more compassion (not something I thought I was lacking), more appreciation for someone’s intent, and more… wonder… at our shared basic nature. We all just want to be happy and loved*. And if our actions can be a little misguided in the process, we’re all in damn good company.

It’s a beautiful world. People are beautiful. Seeing that clearly (really clearly) is wonderful.

*And I don’t give a shit if that sounds trite.

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  • heatherknits says:

    I love this observation that you have been comforted at times when you thought you were providing the comforting. And also know that you can’t quantify this – you’ll never know if you were “much more” comforted or not. In some ways, that’s what is beautiful about kindness, and other ways of being present and real and truthful with people. We’ll never know when we affected someone, and they may never know when they’ve had a great effect on us.

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