February 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

Part of my practice (maybe the biggest part, actually) has been acknowledging when I feel afraid and working with that. It’s not about NOT feeling fear or squashing it, and I don’t even really think it’s about facing it. I think fear wants to be acknowledged. It’s a defense mechanism, and if I acknowledge it – I pay it respect. I think the acknowledging is part of the working with it. And I’m finding that some of the things that scare me the most are the ones I most need to work with and explore.

It scares me that these posts have gotten as personal as they have. It scares me that they may get MORE personal. The writing is helpful to me, and the conversation is invaluable. And I hope (hope) that my intentions are true. Examining my motives is scary too. But I think it’s time to move this out from my privacy shell here.

Because these posts and discussions have been private, I respect the fact that you may not be comfortable with your comments becoming public along with the posts. Please let me know via email if you would like them removed ( The new blog is out there, but not visible to search engines and I won’t announce it or talk about it anywhere for a week (2/19) to give you some time.

§ One Response to Moving.

  • tini says:

    I’m pretty o.k. with having my comments visible 🙂 your journey is amazing and you have my highest respect for what you are doing!

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