Moved. The Intro:

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am scared as hell to take this public.

Well, that’s out of the way. Welcome! In case you’re wondering, “All what?” Here it is.

Since I’ve established up front that I intend to be honest, all previous posts have been converted from a private blog. There’s a lot of random talk in there about practices – yoga, writing, living and what’s come up as a result. Reading has also been a big part of my process, books & blogs – and there have been some blog posts along the way that just cracked my heart open (just a few of the many that impacted me deeply are linked over in the sidebar). I read them, and even though I don’t really know the person on the other end, haven’t ever met them, and don’t have any way of knowing whether I’m receiving their words the way they’ve intended… I read their words. And I felt understood. I felt more human and less alone. They write on their own life and process, but it means something to me – it helps me make sense of my own experience. Reading their words and experiencing this feeling of connection, well, I think that’s a pretty incredible gift.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing about my process – I learn about myself as I scrawl or type & sometimes truths emerge that I hadn’t yet realized. Writing helps me clarify & solidify my understanding through observation and conversation. It’s a thinking out loud. And I’m beginning to feel that it may become also useful as I endeavor to teach someday – having to distill some of the concepts I’m working with into concise, understandable, and relate-able sentences when I could easily ramble for pages and never make a point – it’s a good exercise for me.

While it’s one of my habits is to believe that I’m different, an outsider, no one will understand… I also recognize that I am not so unique in my feelings – my fears and dreams are not so uncommon or special. And that means that just maybe… some of this could be of use to you as well as to myself. I’d love to do some thinking out loud here together.

I have & could continue to hold out on publishing this – waiting for… the perfect blog title, better/clearer words to convey my meaning, for professional freedom & no need to concern myself with anonymity… But for some reason, I’ve been feeling like it’s time to just put it out here and let it evolve as it will.

Hi there. And Welcome! My name is Mel, by the way.

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