Truth Hurts

February 19, 2011 § 4 Comments

Getting ready to open this blog publicly last week, I was reading an article from one of my favorite thoughtful sources and was stopped dead in my tracks:

“Well before blogging about yoga became the Justin Bieber of every thirty year old’s crisis of meaning…”

Ouch. The article was a wonderful tribute, but, not knowing the person or having any emotional involvement in the topic, it faded completely as my mind keyed right in on these all-important words…. Is THAT what this is? A crisis? I don’t even know anything about this Bieber dude, and I’ll have you know I’m well past 30 (cough. 35. And a half.)

This article had nothing whatsoever to do with me nor did it even really relate to my own experience, but it left me feeling embarrassed and deflated (Since I am practicing here, let me be clear, the article is good. *I* felt deflated as my ego tossed out everything else and focussed on the realization that apparently I am a cliche. Brilliant.) After spending so much time thinking & writing about loaded words and my own judgments, I do see the irony in this. And the humor, thankfully. My pulled together 25 year-old self is crying right now. And plotting how to avoid this unfortunate fate. Hell, if I’d just gotten it over with then who knows where I’d be now.

I have to accept, that yes, this is me, 30-something, on a current upswing (can I hope that it’s the way up & out?) of my own huge “crisis of meaning”. So the question is, is there room for one more cynical/hopeful/searching voice in the mix, or is this really just a bunch of self absorbed unoriginal bullshit? That was a rhetorical question. Please do not answer.

I do find it somehow strangely comforting that I am apparently just one of an enormous group of 30-somethings who are collectively (and publicly) freaking out. It’s just more reassurance that I am not alone. When we all get to the other side of our meltdowns, may we all be happier & making the world a nicer place…

So tell me, since I have just confessed one of my greatest fears… Any uncomfortable truths you’ve been faced with lately?

§ 4 Responses to Truth Hurts

  • Phil says:

    It would only be a cliche if it were true.

    But you know you are more than what your practice or what you write about or the fact that either may, MAY just be similar what a lot of other people seem to be doing, but no one, of course, IS doing what YOU are doing because they are not you.

    So there. You are unique and not a cliche. And since I know little to nothing about Yoga, but am amazed at your handstands and WILL attempt to try one after my morning jog, the fact that you’ve inspired someone else to have a beautiful day is pretty good ‘meaning’ if you ask me.

    My uncomfortable truth is I spent 2/3 of my life trapped in the hurt of 12 year old boy who had a sudden tragic event befall him. There was no comfort, no joy, no feeling of free. There were moments, but far too few. Uncomfortable and true, and perhaps a cliche, but it does not define me. It did, but not anymore and not for a long time.

    Free as we choose to be.

    • Mel says:

      Hi Phil, Thank you so much for your kind comment. You may not know anything about “Yoga” as in the theory/physical practice, but your comment tells me that you actually know an awful lot of what it’s really about.

      “Free as we choose to be” – Yes! So glad that you found your way to freedom.

  • Heather says:

    My truth these days (which hurts) is that I’m not cut out to be on the path I’m on, and I want to go home! And home is only partially constructed, so there’s a long way to go, literally and figuratively. But you know all this already 😀

    • Mel says:

      I’ll argue here that by thinking & talking about, and planning for what comes next, you are taking the first steps down your new path – the one that you ARE perfectly cut out for. ❤

      You are going to build an awesome home for yourself (literally and figuratively) – and I can't wait to visit.

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