Full, 2nd ed.

April 10, 2011 § 4 Comments

SO grateful: (The teaching edition. That’s where I’m at this week.)

-Hearing how like my mother I am from an old friend who loved her well
-Yoga Teacher Training (AND) Only ONE more month of it (sad/happy)
-My amazing partner – and all his help & support with the above
#TeachNow (HUGE shifts. Shaking up my world. Again.)
-Taught my first class and so grateful for SO many things:
…..No one died, was injured, went into labor, or asked for a refund.
…..My teachers, especially D, for offering up her class and for assisting
…..Kind/open/attentive students
…..An opportunity to do something useful.
…..I learned SO much.
-History. Personal, familial, general.
-Words. Pens. Paper. Keys.
-Encouragement, faith and support of friends.
-Live Music! J. Roddy Walston & The Business; Midtown Dickens; S. Carey… Lots of others upcoming (Abigail Washburn, Mumford & Sons, Maybe something else even that I’m forgetting? SO LUCKY to have so much amazing music here)

Thoughtful Reading, etc:

TED talk by Sarah Kay
Spoken word, project VOICE, simply one of the best TED talks I’ve seen. Please watch this.

The Perils of Success
The perils of Success. Writing and yoga and, well, everything.

Three Breaths
An honestly beautiful account of practice.

Mom battles Demons, Wins
“We don’t always need to be woken up as much as we need to be validated” About night terrors, and, well… Everything.

“Starting is a sacred act.”

Where are you at this week? Anything you’re particularly grateful for today? Best soulful read this week? I’d love to hear.

§ 4 Responses to Full, 2nd ed.

  • Kristin says:

    Sarah Kay sounds superexciting, promise to check it out. I suppose you have seen Jill Bolte Taylor??

  • DeltaDawn says:

    I’m grateful to be reading your words again Mel! Oh so many things to say… wish you were next door so we could have a cup of coffee (with a little sugar)in the garden and talk.

    • Mel says:

      Me too Dawn! I’m so glad you are here. We’ll have to see if we can’t work something out, I want to hear all that’s been going on in your world.

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