June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Music is a big part of my life, and clearly yoga is too.  It’s logical that these loves would complement one another, breath & movement flowing with the rhythm and mood of the music – it seems unusual to attend a yoga class without hearing music in the background, whether it be kirtan, contemporary pop, or even hard rock! But unlike many of my other loves (yoga+nature, writing+yoga, knitting+meditation, making food+music) yoga and music don’t often intersect for me. At home, in the early hours of the day, stillness supports my practice as I work through asanas, breathwork and meditation*.

Unless I’m feeling like my practice needs some PLAY. Like now!

For a little change of pace here – Just because it’s a little silly, just because it’s Thursday, I present the BanjOGA playlist for your listening or practicing pleasure (Combining my passions for banjo & yoga should place me in a pretty particular population, no?) :

BanjOGA! {Click here for the itunes playlist widget}

The Tourist: Sara Jarosz

Without You: Eddie Vedder

Quiet Little Place: K’s Choice

Welcome Home, Son: Radical Face

Sala: Abigail Washburn

Come Talk to Me: Bon Iver

Generator (Second Floor): The Freelance Whales

Go do: Jonsi

Tambourine Man (2006): Cloud Cult

  • This band is completely independent so the song is not in the itunes list – but I don’t think the list is complete without it. Buy it directly from the band here – it’s from the EP Lost Songs From the Lost Years (I encourage you to seek out this option in general!) The depth of my love for this band and their music and their responsibility and their heart deserves a whole post.

All There Is: Gregory Alan Isakov

Heartbeats: Jose Gonzalez

I Feel Like Going Home: Yo La Tengo

Djorolen: Oumou Sangare & Bela Fleck

A Thousand Tiny Pieces: The Be Good Tanyas


*Occasionally punctuated by an exuberant pup who loves the sound of her voice on waking, or a tiny cat who behaves more and more like the pup.

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