December 30, 2011 § 5 Comments

Evolve. Ani D says “I’m trying to” – and I have loved the lyrics of that song for years – but mostly I’m thinking lately that the evolution is something that happens when I STOP trying. Stop trying so damn hard and wanting so damn much. I could tell you my stories (the ones I’ve fabricated and the ones that might have some actual truth to them), or most especially, the ones that began in the weeks before my mother died.  But I think I can sum them all up in a word. Evolution.

When it becomes blood-red-stark-and-unmistakably clear that everything you have been doing does not matter – not in the way you thought, maybe even not at all – you have no other (or conscious) choice. This evolution comes in the quiet blink (or permanent close) of eyelids. When your vision returns, the old habits left behind take longer to rub away – and then it begins: When the only thing you are sure of is what is NOT worthwhile, then you have got to fill that void with something. (Eventually, you will come to look on this emptiness – though not necessarily the loss itself – as a painful but great gift). There will be many worthy pursuits ready to occupy your attention and ‘make up for lost time’… eventually, you will learn that no time spent is ever ‘lost’ and nothing can be forced. The immense power of your will alone is not enough if it is misguided. You will simply have to try, experiment, gently tug on threads and follow old paths. What you think about all this and most especially what you think may come of it are details that will only distract you from your hard-won heart-wisdom. The only certainty is the answer to this question of passion and purpose is circumstantial and it will change. (If there ever WERE an answer to begin with – I think there might be actually, cloaked in any number of broad or narrow possibilities) It’s possible that it will be buried under so many layers and memories that it pre-dates every single one of your all-important stories. It’s possible too, that the answer IS Evolve (or some combination of those letters), and that the only real and lasting contentment lies in the evolution itself.

§ 5 Responses to Evolve

  • marihuertas says:

    “mostly I’m thinking lately that the evolution is something that happens when I STOP trying” – YES. This, I just recently came to recognize, though the universe and life had been trying to nudge me gently (and not so gently) into that manner of being and thinking for quite some time.

    Beautiful post, Mel. I look forward to seeing you unfold even more in 2012.

  • Rachel says:

    I keep coming back to this post…thinking, ruminating, agreeing, disagreeing….rinse and repeat. And I will probably continue to come back to it. In the meantime, I just wanted to say that you make me think my friend…you make me think to the point of being uncomfortable…and I thank you for that.

    • Mel says:

      *laughing* Thank you Rachel. I recently heard this from a teacher I respect – paraphrasing: she said that as a teacher, you have to be willing to cause your students discomfort (I assume she was mostly referring to the emotional sort). Although that is tough to hear, I understand. These uncomfortable spots are where I’m beginning to find my way home – and underneath it all, there are some incredible surprises. It’s worth it. Remind me that I said this when I’m stuck again, ok? 🙂

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