Ingredients {Thoughts on Morning Practice}

January 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

Ask questions. “what if?” “why?” “what do i need?”

Apply effort. Imperfectly. Repeatedly. Until there are worn spots on your mat, your heart, the soles of your boots, the letters on the keys beneath your fingertips.


Try something you’d given up on months ago (see, “what if?”) and find that your imperfect effort, over time, has prepared you well. Give yourself the space to unfold into this moment. With stability, grace, and joy.


Let this fill you with new possibilities, new questions. Let it shatter your old images of who and what you were. Go ahead, take it further and fall flat. Fail. Awkwardly, spectacularly.

Laugh (loudly, as your face meets the floor. it’s nicer and funnier if you aren’t that far away to start*).

Resolve to remember this the next time you feel inadequate (or over-confident). The feeling is not so important as asking the question, as trying; the unfolding or awkwardness not so important as the laughter, the release.

Breathe. Rest. Write.


*Disclaimer. safety, safety, safety. Do not be reckless. Listen to your body.

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